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In memorial of the most senior chief monk of the Shaolin Temple China, the Great Grand Master, the Chan (Zen) Spiritual Leader, upper Su lower Xi

SuXi Offering

The Great Grand Master passed away 11:20 on March 8th, 2006. His spirit remains indefinately among us giving us, inspiring us and motivating us to travel on the path of Chan and peace.

Shi SuCi

Great Grand Master Shi SuXi September 27, 1924 - February 9, 2006 (Chinese Lunar Calendar)


Tens of thousands of People from all over the world came for the 7-day and 7-night farewell service. During his active lifetime, he was the ethical and moral authority of Chan Buddhists, the number one senior chief Monk of the Shaolin Temple, the family head of Shaolin Temple Southern Yard. He has been regarded as a living "Bodhisattva by millions". September 27, 1924 - February 9, 2006 (Chinese Lunar Calendar). He was 82.

It was this great man who helped the villagers going through tough times; it was this great man who would always be concerned their welfares and their well-being and their livelihood. It was this great man giving so much to them and wanted nothing in return. It was this great man who let the Shaolin monks living harmoniously with the villagers and local residents whose families worked for the temple for centuries when this great master was in charge of the temple. This is the man who is a true monk never desiring any power but providing great service and showed his true compassion to others. The great grand master passed on after 70 years of his service to the people and the temple. His departure closed a chapter of this generation of the Shaolin history.

Shaolin Brotherhood

De Yang and De Jian, De Zhao, De Chao wearing black Jia Sha (Zhang Qin) with me along with other Kungfu brothers and nephews at my arrival.

Shi DeRu pays Respects to his Shifu

I lit up three incense, bowing on my knees as I always do seeing Shifu.

Shi DeRu pays Respects to his Shifu Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

There were hundreds and thousands of people in and outside of the courtyard, chanting "Na Muo Ah Mi Tuo Fu" The chanting continued from the first day when Shifu passed away until the final day of the mourning service. The chanting and praying echoed over the mountains of Song Shan 24 hours a day for 7 days and 7 nights around the clock.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

Deyang, De Jian and I attended the last farewell service performed by Chief Masters and Abbots of various temples from other part of China on14th night with a few other Kungfu family members, disciples.

Three Chief Masters and Abbots from others Temples and mountains simultaneously performed 5-hours' Buddhist departure services for my Shifu. For 5 hours the services continued with Buddhists Sutra chanting, Sutra reading and Buddhist music to see the Great Master to the West Nirvana Land. Each one of us, in every a few minutes, lit up a stick of incense deeply bowing on our knees to see and pray the Great man in peace and happiness in Nirvana.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

The service started from day light until after mid night. Thousands of people, Buddhists followers and locals surrounded the service platform accompanied us until finish. The chanting and music echoed miles away in every corner from the Songshan mountain ranges to the sky of Defeng city.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

Locals, Buddhist students, Kung fu students, monks, disciples and family from all over the world came to light joss-sticks, candles and incense to say "good bye" to the Bodhisattva. Some flew in, some drove, and some came on foot to thank the man who was a true monk. Thousands of Kungfu students and Shaolin Disciples were waiting outside of the Shaolin Temple gate for their turns.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

At about 9:47, local government, and the currently appointed Abbot of the Shaolin Temple hosted morning farewell ceremony service.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

Right after the morning service De Yang, Dejian and I boarded the bus, along with Shifu's body, and made our way to the crematory.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

At the Crematory, De Yang presented Shifu's body. All present saw Shifu's body as soft and pliable, having finally entered the realm of non-being, free from all yokes and burdens that restricted his movements. He is always living in Chan path eventually found his infinite life or the realm of nirvana. He is truly free.

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

Master DeRu at His Shifu's giant memorial photo

Memorial to the great Shi SuXi

As we left the Crematory, Pic 14, Dejian held Shifu's picture, followed by Xingqiu with Shifu's memorial plaque. De Yang and I were right behind with a student helper. De Yang held Shifu's earthly ashes. Behind me were all family members of De Generation and Xing Generation nephews. We met the Shaolin Temple's official chanting team, matching from the old Wushu Guan to the Pagoda forest where the Abbot and his entourage were waiting for us.

Shi SuXi Pagoda

At last, we began our Shifu's final journey and delivered the Great Grand Master's remains to the underground palace in the Pagoda. Along with my Shifu's remains, we placed Buddhist Sutra, memorial tablets, Brass RuYi and his monk clothing and caps as well as meditation beads. His Pagoda, which is the only one in 200 years was built during his active life.

Shi SuXi calligraphy

De Yang pointed to the calligraphy written by the great Master before he passed away: Monk of Chan (Zen) Buddhism to indicate that Shaolin monks are Monks of Chan (Zen) Buddhism not for Martial Arts. This is His only wish for the future generation.